Implementing the Living Ripples Model in your school

Welcome to the Living Ripples Pool, our online Community of Practice resources.

The Living Ripples Pool brings together resources, stories, ideas, recommendations, successes, guides and examples to encourage peer learning and collaboration. Our material is open source encouraging others to view, modify, add and improve so that the collective strategies adopted in different schools and communities can be shared to benefit all young people.

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Teacher smiling while observing two students engaged in a Nation 2023 balancing block activity.
State of the Nation 2023
Two people sitting around a fire at night.
AA-HA! Global accelerated action for the health of adolescents
A high school teacher instructs students in a classroom.
Practitioner Guide: Introduction
A group of students sitting on the grass.
Practitioner Guide: Community Connections
A group of students sitting around a table in a classroom.
Practitioner Guide: In-school Launch
A group of students walking in a park holding books.
Practitioner Guide: Survey Preparation
A group of students working on computers in a classroom.
Practitioner Guide: Survey Delivery
Children enjoying a colorful outdoor climbing wall at a playground, designed by an innovator.
Founder, innovator and advocate
A group of children from Bomaderry Public School in safety vests posing for a photo.
Inclusive, connected and inspiring
Teacher utilizing trauma-informed teaching while engaging with students during a robotics class.
Berry Street Educational Model
Group of indigenous Australian girls supported by the Stars Foundation, in traditional attire holding native artifacts and standing outdoors.
Stars Foundation
A girl speaks through a megaphone to a group of attentive schoolchildren outdoors during a social enterprise education event.
Social Enterprise Schools
A group of young female basketball players in colorful uniforms, with minds focused on the game, smiling and walking together in a gymnasium.
Deadly Minds Matter
A group of young athletes from the Clontarf Foundation smiling and running energetically on a sports field during a team practice.
Clontarf Foundation
Eat Up
Eat Up
Dolly’s Dream
Dolly’s Dream
A man and a woman posing for a photo in front of a Project Rockit sign.
Project Rockit
The Mad Food Science Program has a group of children gathered around a teacher.
The Root Cause