Bullying. No Way


Signs of Bullying helps teachers to be attuned to signs that particular students may be experiencing bullying: either bullying or being bullied. Individual students respond and act very differently. This online Fact Sheet alerts teachers to signals from students, reports from parents and ways to take action.


Bullying causes disruption in students’ lives. They can feel disconnected from school, become aggressive, refuse to talk and experience a drop in school grades. Disruption also often occurs at home with fear of school, changes in sleep or eating patterns. All of these have very significant impacts on the lives of students.


Signs of Bullying is an awareness resource to help teachers assess a student whose behaviour changes. It gives examples of obvious and less obvious signs of bullying and being bullied and also interprets the signs that parents are reporting.


All ages, both primary and secondary school students

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An online resource: Bullying. No Way


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