Eat Up


Eat Up works to ensure that the one in five students who go to school without eating, are fed. Using a network of volunteers and donations from large and small food companies, Eat Up makes and delivers nutritious lunches to registered schools.


Eat Up’s goal is clear: to support young people to achieve their potential. For some young people, not having enough food in the house or resources to make or buy their school lunch means the difference between eating while at school or not. Eat Up doesn’t want a lack of food at a critical growth period for children and adolescents to be the cause for greater behavioural, emotional, or academic issues for individual students and in turn, their whole class.


Eat Up operates nationally, delivering sandwiches to over 700 schools from Bendigo to Bundaberg in Queensland, Palmerston in the NT and Bunbury in the west.


For schools.

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Provided to or delivered in school.


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