Positive Bystanders


Bystanders who see discrimination and bullying have a choice: to stand by and watch or take steps to support those involved. This 60-minute program, with student participation and activities, is delivered in class and designed for Year 7 – 10 learners.


Bystanders can play a key role in stopping discrimination, bullying and unfair treatment in a range of areas including gender, disability, race, sexual orientation and religious belief. Students who feel able to stand up as bystanders helps create a supportive, inclusive school culture.


In class, Positive Bystanders examines situations where students may witness discrimination or bullying and looks at how bystanders can take a key role. The program guides teachers through taking real life experiences from students, how and why taking action is important, how to keep safe while doing so and how positive action supports the inclusive culture of a school.


For teachers of Stage 4 and 5 students

When & Where

In class delivery. Mapped to Health and Physical Education and General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum.



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