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Living Ripples Plus is a service designed to enhance your Living Ripples process by Champion Life, a Living Ripples partner. Living Ripples Plus is a platform to help teachers support and monitor student wellbeing with the students themselves being active participants. The platform includes:

  • Check-ins: For insights into your students, classes, and school with real-time, self-reported data. Check in questions can be tailored to align with your school’s Wellbeing Action Plans to help support the implementation and monitoring of progress and achievement throughout the year.
  • Journal entries: An additional level of depth beyond Check-ins, staff create journal entries to share wellbeing-related events at the school, class and student levels.
  • Brain breaks: To support student focus, a series of short videos, 2 – 5 minutes each, for delivery in class during or between lessons.
  • School videos: Hosting your own school’s videos showcasing your class or school’s wellbeing culture to your school’s brain break library.
  • Reporting: Streamlined reporting of student, class, and school data co-designed with your principal and teacher colleagues from across the Living Ripples community.


Living Ripples Plus has been developed as an accessible and practical online tool for teachers to deliver guided content and gather evidence to monitor and analyse student wellbeing in real time. Living Ripples Plus offers a way to take specific priorities from within the school wellbeing action plan and support learners in the classroom. This includes collecting classroom-wide student feedback using a simple and accessible check-in tool that students complete themselves at a frequency suitable for the school.


Data is collected, analysed and available via the Living Ripples Plus Classroom Portal, a practical and functional reporting tool designed alongside teachers to track and share findings that directly connect with the School Wellbeing Action Plan process. Setup is easy and usually takes 10-15 minutes. A single staff member can set up the program. Teachers only need to watch a quick introductory video to get started using the program with their students. Schools contact Champion Life to discuss their needs.


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