Resilience In Our Teens (RIOT)


Regular surveys of the membership of the NSW Secondary Principal Council (NSWSPC) shows that management of students with mental health issues has a strong correlation with stress levels being experienced by students and staff. The build-up of anxious behaviour in students, and by extension with the adults in their lives, including parents and teachers, can be lessened. If teachers and parents know both how to identify and respond to student anxiety, different ways to manage stress can be learnt by all parties.


Anxious behaviour in students affects their learning. Two-thirds of anxiety is learned and if students’ interactions with the significant adults in their lives is unchanged, the anxiety is likely to deepen.


By changing the interactions between leaders, teachers, parents and students, students can learn different ways to manage stress. The build-up of anxious habits in students can be ‘reverse engineered’ if teachers and parents know how to identify and respond to student anxiety. The NSWSPC Workshop will focus on the main precepts of the RIOT program and on what teacher and parent actions can lead to the biggest differences in student anxiety.


Parents and teachers of NSW secondary school students.

When & Where

All NSW schools.


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