Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program


The Kitchen Garden Program (KGP) is an integrated, fun, hands-on learning program delivering pleasurable food education for over 20 years. In it, students learn to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh and delicious food, forming positive food habits for life.


The KGP builds life and practical skills, student wellbeing and connectedness, alternate ways of learning and awareness of sustainability and food security.


By becoming a member of KGP, each school has ongoing personalized support and guidance from the support team, curriculum-integrated materials adaptable to any school environment and a printed resource package including a guide to getting started, a KGP seasonal planner, syllabus, and the use of literacy and numeracy in the kitchen garden. The resource and community hub Shared Table extends learning to the preparation of food.


For primary school students

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Delivered to your school as a resource pack and including Trellis, an individualized support tool. KGP available Australia wide::


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