A group of diverse people, including a senior woman and young adults, planting trees outdoors, part of a school nature program.
ReWild Your School
Teacher utilizing trauma-informed teaching while engaging with students during a robotics class.
Berry Street Educational Model
Group of indigenous Australian girls supported by the Stars Foundation, in traditional attire holding native artifacts and standing outdoors.
Stars Foundation
A girl speaks through a megaphone to a group of attentive schoolchildren outdoors during a social enterprise education event.
Social Enterprise Schools
A group of young female basketball players in colorful uniforms, with minds focused on the game, smiling and walking together in a gymnasium.
Deadly Minds Matter
A group of young athletes from the Clontarf Foundation smiling and running energetically on a sports field during a team practice.
Clontarf Foundation
Dolly’s Dream
Dolly’s Dream
A man and a woman posing for a photo in front of a Project Rockit sign.
Project Rockit
The Mad Food Science Program has a group of children gathered around a teacher.
The Root Cause