TRAIL BLAZERS is a one-day Workshop for up to 20 students in schools where the Resilience Survey has been completed. It is appropriate for Stages 2 to 6. Strengths and challenges will be identified, solutions brainstormed and innovative ideas created.


At the end of this active participation program, the TRAIL BLAZER student team will be informed, motivated and prepared to take charge of enhancing student wellbeing. Ideas to inspire both senior staff and fellow students will be shared, with the goal of bringing student-driven positive change to each school community.


Through developing critical thinking, fostering leadership, and creating a sense of belonging, TRAIL BLAZERS builds resilience and an understanding of student wellbeing. It gives students a voice, a sense of partnership and the potential to improve student mental health. A toolkit guides schools through the selection of student leaders and program management. On the day, two experienced TRAIL BLAZERS facilitators will engage students in team building and problem solving to develop specific goals for improvement of specific student wellbeing areas.


For teachers of Year 3 to 12 students

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